Think of it as ScooterGuy on steroids with superhero geolocation powers.

After helping to establish the designated driving industry, it’s time to evolve into a smarter solution. We’ve created DShofer. Using smart phone technology, we are raising the bar in customer experience. Through our mobile app you will be able to request a ride, track your account and even see exactly where your driver is located.


Download the DShofer App.
If you do not have an Apple device, you can call our concierge service at 855-726-6848.

Open the DShofer app in your Apple device. Fill in the email that is associated with your Scooterguy account and click 'forgot password'.

Follow the instructions you receive in the email to create a password. Log in to the DShofer app.

Verify your account information and add your credit card.
Have questions?


What if I do not have an iPhone?

You can continue to make reservations via our online reservation form or calling our concierge service 855-726-6848.

Is there a new number?

Yes, as DShofer will quickly be growing to new markets, to reach our concierge service we now have a toll free number 855-726-6848.

Will the ride rates change?

Yes, DShofer has eliminated the zone pricing model and is now a flat rate plus increments every 5 mileage. For St. Louis the flat rate starts at $30 for a complete price list click here.

I am already a member of ScooterGuy, will my membership rate be the same?

Yes, all ScooterGuy members annual rate will continue to be honored until you do not renew.

As a ScooterGuy member, do I need to re-join DShofer?

No, your contact information and membership rate was already entered into the new DShofer system. However, in compliance of our credit card policy, ScooterGuy used a third party secure system. Therefore, we do not have access to your credit card information. You will need to add your credit card after downloading the app.

Will my corporate membership be honored?

Yes, all corporate members will be honored.

How to I make a reservation on the DShofer iPhone app?

  1. Follow the prompts to make a one ride pickup reservation or rent by the hour. Remember rent by the hour must start and finish at the same location.
  2. After you submit your trip, you will receive a text to confirm receipt. Please note, that your reservation is not confirmed yet.
  3. You will receive another text when the driver accepts.
  4. One hour before your reservation, the DShofer app will update with your driver information.
  5. About 30 minutes prior to reservation, when the driver is enroute to you, the DShofer up will update the drivers GPS location. You will also receive a text notifying you the driver is enroute.
  6. When the driver is onsite, the DShofer update will update. You will also receive a text with the driver onsite.
  7. If you are having trouble finding the driver, there is a "find me" function, that will provide your precise GPS location to the driver.
  8. Enjoy the ride home
  9. At the end of the trip, on the driver's phone, you will add tip, verify charges and sign the screen.

For members without an iphone (Android app will be available early 2015), you will continue to use our online reservation form. However, you will receive texts with driver updates.