About ScooterGuy

ScooterGuy was one of the first designated driver services in the country. We started the service because we believed there needed to be a better option for people. Unreliable cabs and expensive chauffeur driven vehicles do not work for everybody. We enjoyed our night out a week but needed our car in the morning so we could continue our kid driven lives. While we believed the service to be important for every community to offer, we also believed that it needed to be profitable. Charity services are important, but are not the best option for supporting entertaining lifestyles. So we have been driven by the idea of improving the safety of our community’s streets and highways but also by building a successful company. We have grown from just a couple rides a month to taking home more than 200 people per week.

Now we are the first to offer a brand, technology, and process to help other owners offer the best designated driver services in their area. Our owner operator model allows the local owner to focus on growing the business while we handle the heavy lifting of executing rides.

Who is ScooterGuy

ScooterGuy™ is the Premier Professional Designated Driver Service in the country.  We take home nearly 300 people every week.  Since ScooterGuy was founded in St. Louis on August 2008, we have:

  • Taken home  55,000 people
  • Grown our membership base to 1,300+ members
  • Collected over 3,000 additional e-mails addresses from people who want to stay in the know
  • Gathered 1500+ “likes” on Facebook
  • Driven and scooted over 500,000 miles
  • Generated over $3.0M free media impressions
  • Hired & Trained over 70+ drivers
  • Trained and employ the best customer service Manager Team in the business due to “tried and true training”. currently the best customer service manager team in the business
  • Been recognized by St. Louis Magazine’s “A-list” as best way to get home
  • Donated over $10,000 worth of services
  • Opened 5 other locations
  • Developed and maintain the best technology for membership, dispatching and billing management