The Designated Driver service business can be a very exciting concept. The idea of eliminating drinking and driving by getting people home safely is awesome. The initial cost to enter into the category is very low (everybody has a car and a buddy). All one has to do is post an ad and the clients will come running to their door.
However, people quickly learn that there are many unforeseen challenges that must be overcome prior to creating a successful company. it is not as easy as it appeared. Tough obstacles stand before success:

  • Understanding who is the right client
  • Determining the right price
  • Finding the best insurance
  • Working late nights
  • Connecting with the right people
  • Selling the idea and company
  • Hiring the right drivers
  • Running a well disciplined company


The powered by ScooterGuy™ system is designed to allow the owner to run their business, not to be run by their business. Over the past 3+ years, ScooterGuy has seen numerous announcements from around the country regarding people starting their own designated driver service business, only to see them fade away just a short time later. The late nights, tight margins, challenging situations (keep in mind 100% of the clientele are not in their right state of mind), can be tough to overcome. ScooterGuy has chosen to focus on the service side of the business to help alleviate these night time headaches.

The powered by ScooterGuy™ system is built on our experience, technology and service.

We operate the customer service department in one location. Properly trained personnel, state of the art technology and dependable processes ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and billings.
ScooterGuy is not a franchise or license agreement; you own and operate your company. We are a service that provides the best back end system, helping you achieve the best results. 


ScooterGuy has been in this business almost from the start.  We have studied every model tried and every lesson learned.  To help one build their own company, ScooterGuy offers the “Best Practice” seminar.  You will learn everything from type of drivers available to best methods of payment.  Regardless of whether you want to be a 501(c), hire independent contractors or focus on retired individuals, ScooterGuy will help you develop a strong business plan for your market.



ScooterGuy™ is the Premier Professional Designated Driver Service in the country.  We take home nearly 300 people every week.  Since ScooterGuy was founded in St. Louis on August 2008, we have: 

  • Taken home  55,000 people
  • Grown our membership base to 1,300+ members
  • Collected over 3,000 additional e-mails addresses from people who want to stay in the know
  • Gathered 1500+ “likes” on Facebook
  • Driven and scooted over 500,000 miles
  • Generated over $3.0M free media impressions
  • Hired & Trained over 70+ drivers
  • Trained and employ the best customer service Manager Team in the business due to “tried and true training”.  Currently the best customer service manager team in the business
  • Been recognized by St. Louis Magazine’s “A-list” as best way to get home
  • Donated over $10,000 worth of services
  • Opened 2 other locations
  • Developed and maintain the best technology for membership, dispatching and billing management

To learn more contact the owner:

Michael Oliver

O: 314-255-1800 ext 101