Reservation and Pricing Policy

Confirmation PolicyScooterGuy will notify you approximately 60 minutes prior to your scheduled pickup time. YOU MUST ACKNOWLEDGE THE NOTIFICATION OR A DRIVER MAY NOT BE SENT. ScooterGuy will attempt to contact you via the phone number on the reservation, first by call then by SMS/TXT. If you do not respond the driver might NOT be dispatched to your pick up location until your acknowledgement is received by ScooterGuy, LLC.

Service ChargesService Charges begin at your reservation time and continue until you and/or your vehicle are dropped off. In order to avoid extra charges, we recommend that you meet your driver at your reserved time.

SurchargesSurcharges are cost incurred over the base ride fare. Surcharges are not included in any promotional fare or discounts.

Mileage charges are based on Googles quickest time estimates between locations.

Wait Time begins at time of reservation and charges begin 15 minutes after reservation time. Charges are in increments of 15 minutes.

Unscheduled stops are any stop that extends the drivers time that was not reserved at time of reservation.

Concert/venue surcharge are due to the time associated with leaving certain venues.

Car Change charges occur if at a stop it is required to change cars.

Wait vs Reschedule charges are determined by the ops manager in charge and is depend on time between original reservation time and new requested time and if the driver can be dispatched to another client.


All reservations are based on availability and it is recommended that reservations be made as earliest possible. Request for changes are based on availability. However, if we are not able to accommodate your request change, ScooterGuy recommends you taking a cab or another safe way home and allowing us to drive your car home separately. A 10% reduction to your base fare will be applied for the car being taken home.

All reservations require a valid credit card and we may process an authorization for the reservation rate

Primary Area of OperationScooterGuy’s services are based on distance and we do not set an area of limitations. However, we reserve the right to decline a reservation based on time of reservation, total ride distance, or safety concerns.