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Make a Reservation in St. Louis
Like Toasted Ravioli and Frozen Custard, St. Louis is the original place for ScooterGuy. It is owned by the original ScooterGuy team, Kelly and Michael Oliver. The community supported ScooterGuy through the learning process and now it is the largest market for Night Pickup Service and the centrally located customer service center.  St. Louis Rates

Make a Reservation in Kansas City, MO/KS
Kansas City is known for their sweet tasting BBQ sauce and smooth tasting microbreweries. Just 240 miles from St. Louis, it was the perfect place for David Oliver to head west and start ScooterGuy’s expansion. Kansas City Rates

Make a Reservation in Knoxville, TN
Home to University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s balance of college atmosphere and thriving business community made it a perfect choice for location number 3. Kathy Hawkins Mclain now heads up the team, ready to shape how Knoxville entertains. Knoxville Rates